Design a custom wooden box in 3d

How about creating your own wooden box and select your desired options for the best look of your gift? Design a custom wooden box and see it in 3D.


Glenn, one of our first customers in 2014, a wood craftsman and the owner of has been looking for a quick and affordable way to give users the ability to design their own custom wood box and see it from different angles. Also, the client needed a way to complete the orders.


Simplio3D was the right solution for Glenn because he could buy the application without the need for monthly payments. And the basic version also includes the back-end part with all the necessary functions to add and maintain the products without our intervention.

Integration with PayPal is included in the basic version and Glenn has this feature enabled for finalizing payments. The configurator was embedded in the website with the help of an iFrame without the need for any other code. We also provided the content part and the introduction of the products in the database as a complementary service.

Design a custom wooden box


Simplio3D solved a problem for Glenn in avoiding making sketches until he reached the final product the client wants. The configurator helps to quickly generate some images and a quote for a customized wooden box. 

Affordable and quick installation, Glenn could start using the product configurator for his website right away.

Client Review

"Because of the 3D images Digital Artflow created, many custom box orders have been received. Thank you Digital Artflow for the Rotatable 3D images that help my customer visualize their purchases."
Glenn Nief
Wood Craftsman

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