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Key Features

Simplio3D provides the possibility to quickly deploy a visual product configurator for web visitors to interact with the customizable products. 

While configuring, also, can provide automatic personalized on-the-spot quotations or a quote request form.

3d visualization
Unique product experience using 3D visualization
ecommerce integration
Integrates with ecommerce platforms using API
development customization
Highly flexible and open for customization

About Simplio3D

Simplio3D is a visual product configurator that offers the possibility to engage website visitors into having an interactive experience when they search for customizable items. With Simplio you can rapidly deploy a web-based 2D or 3D product configurator, at an affordable cost.

Product parameters are found, such as: color, size, uploading logo/art images, text insertion and many other options. Website visitors can finalize the order or issue the rendering of their customized item via e-mail for a later study. This way, Simplio3D aims to help improve lead generation and conversion rates.

SEL Platform

Companies can have a customized product configurator and integrate with an e-commerce website in unlimited ways. This is possible with the help of the available pre-built components that form the SEL platform. The acronym SEL comes from Simplio Element Library.

The main purpose of SEL platform is to make custom built product configurators more flexibile, cost-effective and with faster time delivery

visual product configurator
visual product configurator
Virtual Reality module

VR/AR Extensions

Take your product configurator to the next level and provide an immersive experience to your potential customers. Simplio3D offers a virtual reality and augmented reality module, ready to be implemented on product configurators.

Users can change the view mode from real-time 3D into a Virtual Reality mode. Users with a mobile device can switch to AR mode if they have activated the camera to track the product in real space. AR mode gives your customers a mixed reality experience, being compatible with most devices.

Virtual Reality module

Some of the companies that benefit from Simplio3D